Leaf and Light

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Hello and welcome to Leaf and Light! My name is Keith Aderholdt and this is my small business. My original plan was to focus my passions for wood, woodworking, art, craft and design  -emphasizing the use of local materials.  So far so good.  In 2013 I moved home and shop from San Francisco to Oakland, as a woodworker the move has been a fortunate one. I now have access to a far wider selection and better quality wood than at any point prior. The wood that I now use is primarily urban salvage (saving urban trees from the chipper!). Recent woods  include black walnut, black acacia, black locust, camphor, plum, Norfolk Island pine (not a true pine), juniper, redwood, true cedars, Monterey cypress, Chinese elm, spalted ash, reclaimed old growth Douglas fir and more. The space to use my lathe has allowed me to begin making a long planned series of lamps and bowls among other things.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again for your support,



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always changing